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Terrace Gardening: Benefits of constructing one


Living in large Bungalows with spatial but unoccupied area on top of the roof is a common sight. While using that space to develop a recreational area is an option, doing something which slightly more environmental friendly is something we strongly suggest. However, building and maintaining a roof top or terrace garden can be quiet tricky if one does not have the technical expertise to handle it.


We as professionals are well equipped with the technical know-how and years of experience in the field of construction of buildings that are greener than the rest. One of the methods that we suggest to many property owners is to employ terrace gardening when they do have the space for it. Since, we specialize in the field of construction, building strong buildings which are structurally competent is our forte. Adding features such as terrace gardens without compromising on the structural and aesthetic integrity of the building is where the years of experience comes to play.


Keeping in mind the various factors, here are a few reasons why we think terrace gardens are a must have to your new home:


·         The space available to build and nurture a garden of substantial area is possible when it is accommodated on the terrace unlike what happens if one decides to get a garden up and going in the balcony or a smaller area.

·         If you do not own an independent house but are living in an apartment, then, terrace garden is your way of enjoying the pleasures of a real garden in spite of the space shortage.

·         It is your daily and uncompromising connect with the nature. It allows you to be amidst the green plants and shrubs and helps you bust that stress which has been bogging you down.

·         Terrace gardens provide a safe play area for the kids of your family. You no longer have to be worried about your kids playing on the streets and being hit by the traffic.

·         A great place to unwind by installing a small swing set with your family or in the company of friends and neighbours.

·         Terrace gardens give a great aesthetic appeal to the house or the apartment itself. It enhances the entire look and feel of the neighbourhood.

·         The value of the property that you own automatically increases with this one extra amenity.

·    Provides a great place to grow vegetables and fruits on your roof top and helps you enjoy the real pleasures of gardening.

·         Planting trees and increasing the greenery around the area you live is a great way of contributing to the environment and doing your bit to help global warming.

·      Provides a very healthy environment to live in. With the constant release of oxygen and absorption of the harmful gases, the green roofs will help keep away many diseases and ailments that one may contract otherwise.

·      It takes care of the ambient temperature, keeps the house cool and also reduces water wastage during rainy seasons. The water gets used up for the growth of plants and serves the same purpose that rain water harvesting does.




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Owen Craig
The Purple Toaster Web Design Company

I was very depressed for a long time and my wife suggested that I must be surrounded by a little more greenery to calm myself down. And, that was when we came across Ground works and the rest as they say is history. I have never felt more at ease.

Nicolash Santos Cardoso
Monk Home Funding Services

A terrace garden was something I had never imagined would happen. But with their economical solutions to my queries, we had a beautiful terrace garden up and going within no time. I have never felt more at home.

Kian Bibi
Stormy Donkey finance

Being an avid nature lover, it was only natural for me to have a terrace garden at my office as well. With a few phone calls and meetings, I had a brand new garden on my roof top. Thanks to these guys!